John and Minori Lucas

John and Minori Lucas


John grew up as a pastor’s kid in several places in south Alabama, and gave his life to Christ at the age of eight. Minori was also a preacher’s kid as she grew up in northern Japan, and later a missionary kid as her parents left Japan to go to Ecuador when she was ten. She came to faith in Christ while her parents brushed up on Spanish in Edinburgh, Texas when she was thirteen years old.

After working for a few years after university, John was challenged by God’s Word through a discipleship group he was a part of, and went on a missions trip to Peru in 1986. Afterwards, he met Minori briefly while visiting friends in Guelph, Canada, where she was attending university, and they wound up on another team to Peru in 1987. God used the experience to impact both their lives, and after marrying, they returned to Peru for full-time service in 1991, and have been there ever since.

In the beginning, John and Minori traveled by river in a speedboat to work with the Shipibo indigenous tribe, helping with Bible studies, and evangelistic campaigns. They also helped in the foundation of an indigenous Bible institute (CCB) in 1992. As more students came and were trained, the graduates began doing more of the outreach work in the villages. CCB is now almost completely run by the ones who have been trained. From the beginning, John helped with the field finances, and is now in charge of accounting and administration for the Peru field. Minori began working with the missionary kid’s school, and is now the administrator. She also works with a youth ministry in their local church that does a yearly camp and events throughout the year, involving youth from various churches in Pucallpa. Through the years, John and Minori have strived to establish and maintain relationships with the Peruvians, in order to share God’s love and multiply their efforts.

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