Jenn Taylor

Jenn Taylor


Sending Organization:
ABWE Canada

Growing up in a pastor’s home, Jenn was exposed to the Gospel in the womb! She accepted Christ at the young age of 4 years old and was baptized 2 years later.

At the age of 15, Jenn went on her first short-term mission trip to Brazil. It was there that she felt the call of the Lord on her life to enter full-time missions. However, health issues stood in the way and Jenn was unable to go to the field. She went on short-term trips as often as possible and found great fulfillment in helping kids & families experience the love of Jesus in the local church across Canada.

In November 2015 a doctor was able to diagnose and deal with the health issue and in God’s perfect timing, she applied with ABWE Canada to go to Iquique, Chile as a career missionary, fulfilling a 20 year dream! She was officially appointed as a missionary in the summer of 2016, and when she arrives on the field she will be helping to develop children’s ministry in the local church plants, as well as working at the country’s first crisis pregnancy centre, Florece.

Jenn is currently in the pre-field journey – doing her assignments and raising her support team, with a (prayerful) timeline of being in language school in Costa Rica in January 2018.

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