Dave and Linda Buchner

Dave and Linda Buchner


Sending Organization:
International Student Ministries Canada

Dave and Linda, Ontario Bible College graduates, married in 1984 while Dave (MTS 1992) was assistant pastor at the Maranatha Church of the Deaf, and Linda was helping to establish a church for Lao refugees in Toronto. Previously, Linda (French teacher) taught at an MK school in Pakistan, and Dave had worked with the deaf in Puerto Rico. They continued with deaf ministry for 3 years prior to the birth of Rachel in 1987 (Jonathan in 1989).

In 1992, with their desire to be involved in cross cultural ministry, as Dave and Linda joined International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC), moving to Guelph in 1993 to establish a ministry there to international students and scholars.

It has been an exciting and rewarding ministry. Areas of ministry have included: director for the Guelph ministry, training of staff and volunteers in Guelph and other cities, a Friday fellowship and Bible study (2 groups) in their home, a Monday evening English class in their home (2 groups), individual Bible studies, matching volunteers to work as friendship/conversation partners, follow-up of returnees (Bible studies by email, correspondence, connections), and on campus ministries by other staff ( a conversation group and a Bible study.

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