Claude and Katia Billard

Claude and Katia Billard


Sending Organization:
Agapé France

Claude became a Christian at 23, through the ministry of Agapé (Campus Crusade for Christ) while studying in Lyon. After receiving a doctorate in chemical engineering, he did post-doctoral work for two years at the University of Guelph. During this period, he attended Calvary Baptist Church in Guelph. When he returned to France in 1979, he joined Agapé to work with students. In 1983, he became director of our campus ministry, then head of administration in 1998. Currently he is in transition and little by little is giving over his responsibilities to younger colleagues and is in more of a support role.

Katia became a Christian at the age of 17 through the ministry of UFM (Unevangelized Field Mission). She trained as a secretary and worked in industry for 25 years. She joined Agapé in November 1992 where she took over as main secretary. A few years later she became Claude’s secretary. They were married in November 1993.

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