Andy and Diane Large

Andy and Diane Large


Andy and Diane were both raised by missionary parents on the Amazon River of Peru. Both were led to the Lord by their mothers at 7 years of age, and both were later baptized by their fathers in the Amazon River at 12 years of age. They both went to Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania to prepare for God’s service, from 1970-74. It was there that God showed them that He wanted them to serve Him together.

The Larges served 26 years in Peru, from 1975-2001, first in the Coastal City of Ica for 13 years, and then along the Amazon River in a houseboat for another 13 years. The Lord used them to start a Bible Institute in the city of Ica, which aided in the establishment of 11 Baptist churches in the Ica valley. On the Amazon, they were used to organize the existing 48 churches and congregations into zones (doing evangelism and discipleship training in those villages), which then reproduced and became over 100 congregations and/or preaching points. Andy was used of God to establish a Bible Training Center in one of the river cities, which is used for camps and training modules for the river people.

Then in 2001 the Lord called Andy and Diane to Nicaragua in Central America! They were used of God to plant 2 churches in the city of Managua, one being for the professional people, and now with their own Nicaraguan pastors and building. In 2013 God led them to the city of San Juan del Sur, where they are currently establishing the first Baptist church in that city, trusting God to use it as the center for a church planting movement in that area.

Andy and Diane are thankful for their three grown and married children and four grandchildren.

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