Calvary Student Ministries exists to glorify God by helping students take their next steps towards Jesus Christ.

We do this by partnering with parents to help students LOVE God, LIVE in Community, SHARE Passionately, SERVE Wholeheartedly, and GIVE Generously.

There are multiple ways for students to get involved within Calvary Student Ministries. Below is a list of the programs we offer:

Calvary 56er’s (for students in Grade 5-6)

This is our Sunday morning program for students in Grade 5 and 6. The program meets in one half of the youth room on Sunday mornings during the English service. There are also a couple events and one retreat each year for those in Grade 5 and 6.

Calvary 78’s (for students in Grade 7-8)

This is our Sunday morning program for students in Grade 7-8. The program meets in the other half of the youth room during the message of the English service. The students start off in the main service and are dismissed right before the sermon for an age appropriate message in the youth room.

PACKs/PODS (For Students in Grade 7-12)

PACK’s (for students in Grade 7-8) and POD’s (for students in Grade 9-12) are our midweek program for students in Grade’s 7-12. PACK’s and POD’s are places where students can find a safe place to belong and learn to live out our vision. PACK’s and POD’s happen on Wednesday evenings. PACK’s meet at the church whereas POD’s meet in homes. The first Wednesday of every month all PACK’s and POD’s meet at the church for what is called MERGE where we gather together to share a meal, have fun, and fulfill our mission in a big group.

On top of our regular programs we offer monthly events and also a couple retreats throughout the year. Please keep checking back for updates on events and retreats.


*To register for one of our programs please fill out a registration form which can be found here: Registration Forms





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